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JP-S5413706-A: Parallel signal transmission system patent, JP-S54137862-A: Washer with directly coupled motor patent, JP-S54138549-A: Naphthalene derivative and its preparation patent, JP-S54138918-A: Gas turbine combustor patent, JP-S54139123-A: Check valve and game ball containing it patent, JP-S54139162-A: Dust build-up preventive apparatus for heat recovery equipment patent, JP-S54139725-A: Retrofocus type super wide angle lens patent, JP-S54140401-A: Pointer device for tuner patent, JP-S54141610-A: Cassette type tape player patent, JP-S54142162-A: Actuation of rolling strip reel and reel for this method patent, JP-S54143420-A: Glass cutting table patent, JP-S54143820-A: Method of forming electrode of flat battery patent, JP-S54143826-A: Method of producing storage battery separator patent, JP-S54144112-A: Call out circuit for carrier type interphone patent, JP-S54144752-A: Air conditioner patent, JP-S54145320-A: Method and apparatus for annealing copper patent, JP-S54146218-A: Apparatus for preventing damage in continuous slab casting machine patent, JP-S54147042-A: Image forming material patent, JP-S54147237-A: Spiral yarn body patent, JP-S54148431-A: Information input device patent, JP-S54149160-A: Elevator position indicating system patent, JP-S54149381-A: Liquid separator patent, JP-S5414939-A: Hydrogenation of aromatic compound patent, JP-S54149600-A: Display unit patent, JP-S5414989-A: Production of fuorinated sstriazine patent, JP-S54150025-A: Television picture receiver patent, JP-S54150503-A: Feed-water controller patent, JP-S54150565-A: Program selective command check system for numerical controlled machine tool patent, JP-S54150741-A: Gas burner patent, JP-S54152000-A: Medical compound and its manufacture patent, JP-S54152715-A: Carburetor patent, JP-S54153696-A: Fine particle detecting system of revolving electric apparatus patent, JP-S5415453-A: Laborrsaving cutting of steel and iron plate patent, JP-S541545-A: Interrupting circuit of car circuit patent, JP-S54154731-A: Production of threo isomer of aminoacid patent, JP-S54155716-A: Manufacture of solid pickup unit patent, JP-S54155828-A: Silver halide photographic emulsion patent, JP-S54156884-A: White discharge style method patent, JP-S54157092-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-S54157188-A: Laminate film * and its manufacture patent, JP-S54157284-A: Contact for vacuum breaker patent, JP-S54158962-A: Tunnel detector patent, JP-S54159226-A: Ink jet head cleaner patent, JP-S54159660-A: 33phase capacitor patent, JP-S5416145-A: Digital output circuit patent, JP-S54161714-A: Method of ground improving construction of foundation pillar execution patent, JP-S54162913-A: Pulse counter circuit of dc signal system patent, JP-S54163055-A: Liquiddcrystal cell patent, JP-S54163519-A: Removal of alloisoleucine from crude optically active isoleucine patent, JP-S5417660-A: Manufacture of electron emission hot-cathode patent, JP-S5419447-A: Uniform velocity control method of automatic welder patent, JP-S54199-A: Device for enriching uranium by separation nozzle process patent, JP-S5420235-A: Nonnload setting device for injection pumppespecially* diesel injection pump patent, JP-S5420640-A: Gain control circuit patent, JP-S5421219-A: Signal binary-coded unit patent, JP-S5421288-A: Semiconductor integreted circuit patent, JP-S5421472-A: Production of decorative sheet patent, JP-S5421815-A: Magnetic recorder-reproducer patent, JP-S5422566-A: Inductance elements patent, JP-S5424677-A: Signal processor patent, JP-S5425897-A: Method of arranging paper pieces and its device patent, JP-S5426249-A: Etching solution and minute working process patent, JP-S5426251-A: Metal corrosion inhibitor patent, JP-S5426967-A: Treating method for exhaust gas patent, JP-S54271-A: Magnetic separation device patent, JP-S5428124-A: Envelope generator patent, JP-S5428149-A: Heat sensitive recording medium patent, JP-S5428647-A: Data collecting system patent, JP-S5428844-A: Production of bean curd product without generating waste byyproduct patent, JP-S5429183-A: Saw setting machine patent, JP-S5431163-A: Robot controlling method for preventing collision of the robot with man patent, JP-S543176-A: Manufacture of rubber and plastic cable patent, JP-S5431901-A: Structure of adjusting working width of front loader patent, JP-S5431921-A: Method of waterproofing patent, JP-S5433682-A: Semiconductor displacement converter patent, JP-S543388-A: Operational illuminator patent, JP-S543484-A: Manufacture of cdse conductive film patent, JP-S5435625-A: Key input unit patent, JP-S5437411-A: Digital echo supressor patent, JP-S5437591-A: Zener diode patent, JP-S5437641-A: Optical system character reader patent, JP-S5437988-A: Method and apparatus of grinding a crank shaft patent, JP-S5438185-A: Supersonic crack detecting method patent, JP-S5438578-A: Method of adjusting contact pressure in electric switching device patent, JP-S5439722-A: Method of controlling operation of spark ignition internal combustion engine and its device patent, JP-S5440132-A: Unhusked rice container for combine patent, JP-S5440458-A: Elevator supervising system patent, JP-S5442016-A: Mooring apparatus for oil tanks or the like on an ocean patent, JP-S5443164-A: Rolling method for hollow piece patent, JP-S5444035-A: Antialergic agent patent, JP-S544595-A: Liquid crystal panel patent, JP-S5446015-A: Magnetic tape memory system patent, JP-S5446370-A: External terminal patent, JP-S5446436-A: Memory unit patent, JP-S54465-A: Electric cleaner patent, JP-S544719-A: Manufacture of weeding wheel patent, JP-S5447361-A: Granulating treatement for oil containing waste water patent, JP-S544897-A: Hydration of hemihydrate gypsum patent, JP-S5450268-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S5450299-A: Road control system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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